Starting Pharma Franchise Company without prior experience

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It is not easy to establish Pharma Franchise Company, without some experience in pharma and healthcare sector. This article is not for demotivating someone who lacks sufficient pharma experience but requiring good knowledge and experience at least in marketing and sales sector. Pharma marketing is different from any other type of marketing and sales. Doctor is the final decision maker in the whole pharma marketing process. There are various marketing techniques are available for effective marketing of PCD Pharma Companies. You can use either digital or print media marketing type along with direct approach for better pharma marketing of your company. If you have good marketing knowledge then you can also start with any minimum amount of investment. You also need to make good network of doctors and healthcare professionals, who can prescribe your products directly to patients.

In starting, you need to start your PCD Company with 2-3 pharma products only and then can you should increase your product range gradually but if you are working without any prior experience of pharma sector then it will become difficult to survive in market competition. Before starting pharma franchise company, you need to conduct market survey of that area and then you can find best demanded pharma products in that area. Don’t sell your products directly to anybody but instead promote only molecules which are generally prescribed by the doctor. By this method you can promote your products and find good response in market. Then you can launch your pharma company and start supplying those products in particular area on franchise basis.

As we all know, doctors have the key role in this segment. Product selection and requirement is purely depending on doctor’s choice. Which product will make profit in market is depend on doctor’s prescription. If you take example of antibiotic or any other medicine, different doctors prefer to prescribe different medicines with different combination. Some doctors prefer to prescribe omeprazole, some prefer rabeprazole. They prefer different molecules for same diseases so whether product will move fast or not in market is largely dependent on territorial location and doctor’s prescription.

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