PTR and PTS Calculator

After GST, rate calculations for Pharma Stockist and Pharma Retailers has been changed. Below formula will give you general idea how to calculate retail and stockist margin. Here PTR means Price to Retailer and PTS means Price to stockist. You can also calculate net scheme. For example, if you want give scheme like 10% than this calculator automatically calculate net scheme value according to the percentage you entered.

What is PTR ?

PTR means Price to Retailer

What is PTS ?

PTS means Price to Stockist

In order to calculate PTR and PTS, first you have to calculate MRP excluding GST.

How to calculate MRP excluding GST ?

MRP Excluding GST = (MRP ) x (100/(100+GST%))


MRP Excluding GST = (MRP )/ (1 + (GST %/100))

How to calculate  PTR ?

P.T.R= (MRP Excluding GST ) x (100/(100+Retail%))


P.T.R = (MRP Excluding GST )  /  (1+ (Retailer %/100))

How to calculate PTS ?

P.T.S= (PTR ) x (100/(100+PTS%))


P.T.S = (P.T.R )  /  (1+ (Stockist %/100))

You can add a margin of retail and stockist.

If you are not registered under GST than enter ‘Zero’ value in GST percentage field.

Special Instruction to calculate PTR and PTS.

Please keep in mind that if you calculate MRP excluding GST of any given MRP, please do not directly minus the % from MRP. For example if you calculate direct from calculator like 100-12% it gives you result 88. When you add GST in value 88 it gives you result of 98.56. As per the accounting rules value must be equal to initial value 100.

To find correct MRP excluding GST of any MRP please calculate like this.

MRP Excluding GST = (MRP ) x (100/(100+GST%))


(MRP )/ (1 + (GST %/100))

If the MRP is 100 than 100/1.12=89.28.

Now if you add 12% in 89.28 than result is 99.9999.

So always calculate PTR and PTS as per the above explanation only.

Download PTR PTS Calculator Excel file

Download the micosoft excel format of PTR & PTS calculator from here. You can use this excel file to calculate PTR and PTS offline.

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