Zitabend Drops

Albendazole 200 mg + Ivermectin 3 mg Suspension
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Albendazole 200mg +Ivermectin 3 mg suspension

This medicine is used in the treatment of skin’s parasite infection and other type of infections such as worm, threadworm and pinworms infection. It works by paralyzing the parasite and killing them, causing degenerative alterations.  It is also used for the treatment, control and prevention of some other infections such as Neurocysticercosis, Enlarged limb, inflammatory affection, Hair’s parasite infection, whipworm infection and many others.

Side Effects

Following side effect may occur with the use of given medications

Headaches, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain or fever may occur. Inform your doctor immediately, if you feel any of the given side effects worsen. Your doctor has prescribed this medicine because he judged that benefits of this medicine are more than the risk of side effects. Many patients are not feeling any side effects while using this medication. Tell your doctor right away if you observe any new sign of side effects such as meningeal signs, dizziness or vertigo.


Inform your doctor about your history of treatment or current list of medication before using this medicine. Also inform about your allergies, treatment and current health conditions. Follow the direction given by doctor or printed on the product.  Dosage of medicine is decided by your present heath condition and response to the treatment. Tell your doctor if you have bone marrow suspension, suffering from brain problem or asthma, risk of retinal damage, pregnant or breast feeding. Take this medicine with or without food with simple water.

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