Ulcifight Gel

Mouth Ulcer gel (Choline salicylate 8.7 % + Lignocaine hydrochloride 2% + Benzalkonium chloride (as preservative)0.01% w/w
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Choline salicylate 8.7 % + Lignocaine hydrochloride 2% + Benzalkonium chloride (as preservative) 0.01% w/w Gel

Ulcifight is fast acting mouth ulcer gel. This triple action medicated gel gives instant relief from pain and aids in faster healing of mouth ulcers . Lignocaine Hydrochloride acts on the nerve endings and relieves from pain. Choline salicylate soothes the wound and aids in healing faster. This active ingredient is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug similar to aspirin. It helps to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by mouth ulcers, denture irritation, sore spots from braces and cold sores. Benzalkonium chloride provides anti-bacterial protection and prevents from further aggravation of the wound.


Certain foods like citrus foods, vegetables like tomatoes, are dietary reason for mouth ulcers. Other factors like chewing hard foods, like supari, excessive brushing, ill-fitting dental implants such ass braces cause mouth ulcers.

people who are at high level of stress and anxiety are at higher chances of developing mouth ulcers. Certain nutritional deficiencies like vitamin B12, folic acid, iron may also put you at higher risk of mouth ulcers.

Hormonal changes occurring in body especially in women during the monthly menstrual cycle, may also be the cause of mouth ulcers. Also people suffering from impaired immune system, gastrointestinal disorders, viral infections are some of the clinical conditions that may put you at higher risk of acquiring mouth ulcers.


Indicated for mouth ulcers, pharyngeal pain and other painful conditions of mouth and throat.

Dosage & Uses

Apply a small amount of Gel to the affected area with a clean fingertip. One application should be sufficient. Use up to four times a day.


This  may impair swallowing and increase the risk of aspiration.

Adverse Effects

Excessive application or confinement under a denture irritates the mucosa and this can itself cause ulceration.

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