Sertazit Cream

Sertaconazole 2 % w/w
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Sertaconazole 2 % w/w cream

Introduction: – It is prescribed drug and used in the treatment fungus infections. It will work by killing the fungus or yeast and preventing their growth. Sertaconazole is applied to your skin to treat athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) infection that occurs between the toes and polymicrobial infections. It should not be used in eyes, on lips and orally.

Side Effect: – There are some common side effects are given such as Transient Erythematic, Burning Sensation, skin dryness and skin rashing. Contact your doctor if you observe any of the given side effects.

Drug interactions:-Superficial fungal dry skin burning skin contact dermatitis and pruritus.

Dosage:-Applied twice daily for 2 weeks in fungal infection applied twice daily for 4 weeks in case of interdigital Tinea pedis.

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