Pantozit-40 Injection

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Pantoprazole 40 mg Injection 

Uses: – Pantoprazole is an inhibitor of proton pump which can reduce the amount of acid produced in the stomach and helps in promoting healing ulcers. It is generally used for the treatment of inflammation and acid related diseases of stomach and intestine ( Refux ocsophagitis And Zollinger Ellison Syndrome), stomach ulcers, gastro esophageal reflux disease, heart burn and acidity elated other problems. It helps to prevent ulcers and cancers of the esophagus.

Side Effect: – Consult your doctor promptly, if you found any of the given sign of side effects such as Stomach pain, diarrhea, joint pain, gas, nausea, vomiting, headache, rash, weakness and weight loss.

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