Zitafer-5 Injection

Iron Sucrose 100mg/5 ml
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Iron Sucrose 100 mg /5 ml

It is used in the treatment of anemia in people who have kidney disease with low iron in blood. In kidney dialysis, patient need extra amount of iron because of blood loss. Even in the process of drug erythropoietin, body needs more iron to make blood cells. Iron is the important element of blood cells and it is transport oxygen in entire body through red blood cells. Many kidney patients require regular injections of iron because their body cannot get enough iron from food.

This medicine is given slowly by injection in a vein over duration of 2 to 4 minutes by doctor. It can also give through IV, when mixing with saline solution. Generally treatment length and dosage are decided based on the medical history, condition and response rate of patient.

Side Effects

Following side effect may occur with the use of given medications

Headache, muscle cramps, vomiting, nausea, swelling, cough, pain, seizure, tiredness, diarrhea or redness at injection site may occur. Inform your doctor immediately, if you feel any of the given side effects worsen. Your doctor has prescribed this medicine because he judged that benefits of this medicine are more than the risk of side effects. Many patients are not feeling any side effects while using this medication. Tell your doctor right away if you observe any new sign of side effects such as abdominal pain, dizziness or chest pain.


Before taking this medicine, inform your doctor if you have any allergies of sucrose or any other allergies of any inactive ingredients. This medicine can be used when require during pregnancy. Consult your doctor in case of breast feeding. Do not start or stop any dosage of medicine without doctor’s approval.

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