Glucozit-DM Tablet

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Diacerein 50 mg+ Glucosamine sulphate 750 mg+ MSM 250 mg Tablet


Is a slow-acting drug taken as a pill that may slow the breakdown of cartilage and relieve pain and swelling. Useful in osteoarthritis affecting men and women (18 years and older) of any disease severity.

Glucosamine Sulphate

Glucosamine is  support the structure and function of joints and it is targeted to people suffering from osteoarthritis. Since glucosamine is a precursor for glycosaminoglycans, and glycosaminoglycans are a major component of joint cartilage, some have hoped that supplemental glucosamine could beneficially influence cartilage structure, and alleviate arthritis. Its use as a therapy for osteoarthritis appears safe.


MSM is used for chronic pain, osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis,osteoporosis, bursitis, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, musculoskeletal pain, muscle cramps, scleroderma, scar tissue, stretch marks, hair loss, wrinkles, protection against sun/wind burn, eye inflammation, oral hygiene, periodontal disease, wounds, cuts, and abrasions/accelerated wound healing.

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