Calrise-D Tablet

Calcium Carbonate 500 mg + Vit D3 250 I.U
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Calcium Carbonate 500 mg + Vit D3 250 I.U  Tablet

calrise d tablet

Calcium Carbonate 500 mg

It is a white, odourless powder with chalky taste. It acts quickly and the action is prolonged. It has a high neutralizing capacity.


As an antacid in peptic ulcer, dyspepsia, hyperacidity, heartburn, reflux oesophagitis. As a calcium supplement, osteoporosis, CRF.

Safety Profile

Prolonged use with high dose may cause hypercalcemia with associated systemic complications.

Adverse Effects

Constipation and fecal concretions.


As an antacid 200-500 mg. Tid/Qid. As a cal. Supplement- 2 to 4 gm/day.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is the collective name given to antirachitic substances synthesized in the body and found in foods activated by UV radiation. Including cholecalciferol (vit.D3) and calciferol (vit D2).

Physiological role: It regulates mineral metabolism by increasing calcium and phosphate absorption from the intestinal tract & by enhancing tubule reabsorption of calcium and phosphate in kidney. It also enhances resorption of calcium and phosphate from bone.


Rickets in children and Osteomalacia in adults.

Adverse Effects

Hypercalcaemia, Hyperphosphatemia.


Prophylaxis 400 IU/ day

Treatment 3000-4000 IU/day

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