Zitabend Tablet

Albendazole 400 mg+ Ivermectin 6 mg
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Albendazole 400 mg +Ivermectin 6 mg

Introduction: Albendazole is Anti- Worm or Anthelmintic type medicine. It is used to prevent worms (Insect Larvae) from growing, multiplying or spreading in body. It is also used in the treatment of some worm’s infections such as dog tapeworm or pork tapeworm. It can cause cytoplasmic microtubules degeneration in intestinal, Depletion of glycogen and glucose uptake. Production of ATP decreases, causing depletion of energy and resulting death of worm.

Side Effects:

Headache, fever, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, hepatitis, renal failure and abdominal pain. Inform your doctor or health expert immediately, if you feel any of the given side effects worsen. Your doctor has prescribed this medicine because he judged that a benefit of this medicine is more than the risk of side effects.


Before taking this medication, inform your doctor or health expert about any allergies to any inactive ingredients. If you have Retinal lesions or treated for Neurocysticercosis or chances of pregnancy then inform your doctor or pharmacist.

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