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Telemarketing is an important tool for all sectors, even in the pharma sector also. For Pharma franchise companies it has a very important role in marketing. Sometimes it is also proved to be an irritational medium of marketing.  Now we will try to find out how we can use the tool of telemarketing as effective sale generation tool. For effective telemarketing first, you need details and contact numbers of pharma franchisees and distributors of desired locations. Even after getting numbers of hundreds of distributors and calling them you find an answer like we do not have a requirement for the new company. So getting many contacts and calling them is not fruitful if they have no requirement so here the question arises that how and where to find contact numbers of needy pharma distributors. As per the current trend, the Internet is a tool from where you can find new pharma franchise enquiry. 96 out of 100 enquiries come from the internet. You should make an important online strategy for getting details of interested people. You can use below given tools for getting contact details of interested parties through the internet.

  • Website promotion
  • Blogs
  • Online business portal
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Adwords
  • Social media marketing
  • Content promotion

You can get good numbers of business queries through business portals from interested persons. A number of queries and its genuineness are purely dependent on the package you choose through the portals. But you receive a good number of queries with contact numbers. For doing own website promotion on Google search page SEO and Google Adwords are important tools. Interested buyers search online on Google and if he finds your website ranking on the top page then he leaves enquiry after visiting your website or send a message or call at given website numbers. Similarly, by using Google advertisement services you can place your website as a ad on Google first page. Whenever person clicks on that page it will redirect to your website and you will get enquiry after filling up enquiry form by interested buyers.

You can also use the social media platform and connect pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals and other marketing professionals. In this social media platform, you can find almost all pharma sales professionals. Similarly, blogging and content marketing is also good tool but it needs some time to provide good result. After reading your blogs on any particular subject people will consider you an expert of that subject and start trusting you. They also provide their contact numbers and start taking your suggestion about their queries.

This is we have discussed methods for contact number generation from the use of the internet. Now how we can use these numbers in telemarketing to generate sales.

  • Collect all contact details and arrange them as per different territory or places.
  • Make list of areas where you already have distributors and separate it.
  • Make one excel sheet of telemarketing and mention all the details such as name, address, contact number, area, remark etc.
  • For starting telemarketing appoint a person who has complete knowledge of medicine, rates, margins, packing etc otherwise it will affect your deal and become time-wasting process.
  • Fix a schedule for calling and try to call as many parties as you can handle and note down their responses in the remarks section. Separate positive and negative queries.
  • Delete all negative queries and save that contact for future reference.
  • For positive queries, try to fulfil their requirements by sending them price list, sample, packing etc.
  • Follow up them and try to close that deal but if you not get any response from them it is good to focus on the new one then wasting your time on follow up.
  • Add new queries and repeat the process.

Telemarketing is great tool for PCD Pharma Company if done properly. It can be used alone or with support of SMS and mail marketing. It cans save your time and provide a double benefit.

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