Importance of SEO for pharma franchise website

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Search engine optimization is known word for every person as well as in industry but still it is unknown in some segments. It is very useful marketing tool for PCD Pharma Franchise Companies. Even many online portals is claiming to put your product service keywords on first page Google ranking so he is not discussing about any other services but directly or indirectly for search engine optimization. “SEO” is the technical word used everywhere specially by marketing agencies, portals, many E-commerce sites etc. for getting and maintaining your desired product or service keywords on search engine first rank by updating and modifying your website and with the help of other similar activities.

As we have discussed SEO is very useful marketing tool for your company. It can highly affect your marketing strategy. There are many search engines but Google is dominating everywhere. It has share of more than 90% among contribution of all search engines globally. There are other search engines such as yahoo, Bing etc. and they have importance too but Google is leader, it can be good source of global traffic and enquiries for your company website. There are thousands of search are done on Google for keywords like Pharma franchise or PCD Pharma Company. Out of thousand searches if you get at least hundred enquiries for starting Pharma Franchise Company then it is very important for your company’s marketing strategy.

Working of SEO

Now you need to understand that how does SEO works or Google works? Answer is not easy as no one has exact idea of Google working. Even many experts and big MNCs are unable to know working methodology of Google. Google do not disclose its algorithm of searches to anyone. Every time it leaves everyone in doubt so no one including big MNCs, advertising agencies, business portals and leading ecommerce shopping sites do not exactly know how Google search works. The process of SEO is changeable and updates regularly with time.

Now the question is how to rank the website on Google’s top rank, online digital marketers always tries to find new strategies for Google logarithm. They implement new strategies for search engine top ranking and try to get close of Google pattern but Google regularly updates its algorithm. In other words, it is not easy for everyone to know Google working strategy. It is a time-consuming process and sometimes there are possibilities that you will not get your desired result, and all your efforts goes in vein but in today’s time SEO is must for your Pharma franchise website.

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