How to get better result in SEO while promoting pharma franchise website

Pharma franchise SEO
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We all know the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process for the promotion of our pharma franchise website on various search engines including Google. With the help of proper SEO techniques, one can get maximum benefit if his website appears on a top search result on popular keywords. With the help of SEO, website will not only appear on top raking but also get a maximum number of visit, leads, and branding on various online platforms. In current time trend, nearly all marketer knows the benefits of this process and maximum number of websites are always trying to get top ranking on this platform but the main question is how one can get top ranking of its website despite the fact that there is limited number of allocated place on first as well as on the second page of search engine and they have to compete with MNCs, business portals, leading pharma companies etc. for the same place or same keyword. The answer is simple, you just need to try to follow Google algorithm and some basic things that can provide better support for your website ranking.

Content is important– Content has so much importance in Google. Search engine loves genuine and unique content. Here we can say that content is king. So try to update your website with the latest articles and blogs regularly. Do not use copy content ever because for this Google can penalize your website and affect your website performance.

Link Generation– Link generation from other useful site is equally useful as it creates positive impact for Google bots similarly unnecessary or excessive links can damage your work. It should appear natural and on high-quality sites.

Keywords– Keywords has also equal importance as above discussed activities. Use proper and searchable generic keywords for your website. They should be meaningful and properly placed on website. Do not try to use overwritten keywords or spam your website page with overuse of the same keywords.

Appearance– Google wants to offer the best search experience to its all users and readers. That is why it simply loves the website which is made of the latest framework, responsive and regularly updates with latest information. So try to make your site attractive and eye-catching with latest information.

Navigation– Navigation of your site should be smooth and all pages should be linked with website home page. it should be navigated easily by Google bots and other visitors.

Updates– Websites with frequent updates crawled frequently by Google than a less updated website. Google always consider them as active sites and put them on top ranking.

Mobile Responsive– Recently Google has updated mobile geddon, by this update, it has removed all old website from its mobile search result which is mobile unresponsive. So it is necessary to design a website as per the latest framework and responsive if you want better visibility even in the mobile search result.

Popular sites– Website which is popular and has a number of daily visitors get ranking more easily than a website with a low number of visitors. For example, you will get a listing of business portals at first page on any keywords whether they have good content or not.

Meta tag– Meta tag and description has a good effect on search engine ranking. These contents are not for visitors, only google robots can read them. For proper meta description, explain about your webpage is a limited and proper manner and put your important keywords in meta tags for better ranking.

Blogs– Blogs are a very useful tool for increasing the popularity of the website. If the blog section of your website is regularly get updated then it will increase your chances of ranking and considered as an active site by search engines. Also, more users visit your site for their queries and ask product related questions. It will increase your expertise and faith in people’s mind.

Social Media– Social media is also a very useful platform for your pharma franchise website promotion. Major search engines like google consider social media importance and increase your ranking based on your popularity. You can use different social media platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to promote your website and get new visitors.

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