General questions

Before joining any company there are multiple queries that come up in mind which are very common for our clients. On the basis of the queries we frequently receive, here are the responses listed below you would wish to refer :-

  • Drug license copy (wholesaler/retailer)
  • GST copy issued by govt.
  • Transport Road Permit (if applicable)
  • Marketing/Selling of products you will be managing on your own; while the company will provide you promotional material for marketing support as given in offer letter.
  • All the marketing & distribution is done by you. The company will not be providing a medical representative or any kind of training.
  • As per company norms, you don’t need to deposit any amount to take franchise but there is a minimum amount of 35000/- required to start your business, for this 35000/- you will get products & other promotional materials.
  • Even there is no compulsion to open up a shop or take a specific area from company’s side. That totally depends on your choice.
  • From company’s side, you will get long expiry products (i.e, after twelve months expiry or even more) but the company will not accept any products that are sold out unless there are any quality related issues. Also, the company will not provide any claim on the damage that occurs in transit; concerned transporter will be responsible for the same.
  • There is a provision of 12% or 18% GST on the invoice.
  • Doctors, Chemists, Medical Representative, Medicine Wholesalers, Retailers, or any individual who has experience in pharma marketing.
  • You can be the sole owner of the company & not just an employee working under some manager.
  • Huge profit margin.
  • Immense growth that depends on you how well you take your business.
  • Solely responsible for decision making.
  • The company will give you certain sales target on the basis of your chosen area, district or territory, that you have to achieve on an average monthly or quarterly. This is the criteria that need to fulfill in order to get monopoly rights.
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