PCD Pharma distributors

Types Of Distribution Strategies In Pharma Sector

In the pharma sector, distribution is the main link for the manufacturer to reach and access potential clients. In today’s competitive world it is not possible for any PCD Pharma Company to reach end user without the use of proper distribution channel, even if you are providing quality components at best price and promoting them in every marketing media. Many manufacturers in the pharma segment use both direct and distribution method to approach customers but many pharma companies are rely on Pharma Franchise Company to convey their pharma products in the market.  In all this type of methodology they need access of pharma distributors or pharma franchisees to reach end users.

Type of Pharma Distributors


In this case, a pharma company make own deals and offer discount at their workplaces. Maker companies open several branch offices at various commercial centers or at various cities to reach more clients. Generally companies use this type of strategy when customers are few and known. In this type of distribution strategy companies need to manage more responsibilities but enjoy more control and benefits.


In this distribution type, Pharma companies make PCD Pharma Distributors for specific territory. Distributor purchase their pharma products and resale further to the small wholesaler or retailer. They are responsible for further all activities like they can provide credit, resale, research, marketing and store the product by them self in their allotted territory. They can also appoint sales staff, provide promotional materials to retailers and doctors. Sometimes they can become helpful medium for research and feedback as they are directly associated with end users. In this type of distribution method pharma manufacturing companies focus on their production process more efficiently while enjoying benefits with fewer burdens on admin and management. This is more common distribution method adopted by most pharma companies.


In this type of distribution strategy, Agents or Brokers perform deal on behalf of pharma companies. They do not claim title or responsibility of any product like Pharma Franchise Company. They are empowered by pharma manufacturers to deal or expand business in light of their knowledge. They are one type of specialists and works on fix salary or commission. Pharma companies used them for some selected products, unclaimed or non focused categories. They are also used for survey and customer feedback.

The distribution channel is all about to select perfect strategy and distributors to reach end users and simultaneously get feedback or suggestion on product quality, pricing, market trends and competitors.