PCD Pharma companies

Promotional materials required by PCD Pharma Companies

For any type of business marketing and promotion is an important strategy for success. Even in pharma sector it has importance but pharma market is different from all other market. In pharma sector you need to work with many other types to sell products. Every type of marketing requires different techniques and promotional material to market product and services.  Here we are discussing about promotional material required by PCD Pharma Companies to promote their products

  • Visual Aids
  • Sample Catch Covers
  • Product Glossary and Cards
  • Reminder Cards and Leaf Behind Cards
  • Writing Pads, Diaries, Calendars
  • Banners, Danglers and Posters
  • Medical and News papers Advertisement
  • Pens, Key Chains and card holders
  • Bags, T-Shirts and other promotion materials
  • Order Book and Daily Call Report

Visual Aids: For starting pharma marketing visual aid is important thing for all PCD Pharma companies.

Sample Catch Covers:  To test the quality of healthcare products, samples are provided to professional on regular basis. Sample catch covers are covers which contain samples. Sample catch cover contains proper design and information about product and its brand name. They are one of the old and effective method to promote products to pharma franchisee.

Product Glossary and Cards:  Product glossary contains list and details of all available products at PCD Pharma Company. It contains description of product and details of product with brand name and picture of packaging. Number of pages of glossary or product card depends on the actual product manufactured or marketed by PCD Company.

Reminder Cards and Leaf behind Cards:  Reminder cards and leaf behind cards are one type of small printed card which contains short description including composition and brand name of product. Many sales persons and medical representative visit doctor regularly so it is difficult for doctors to remember product brand name. So Reminder cards and leaf behind cards are very useful in this case.

Writing Pads, Diaries and Calendars:  These materials are not directly included in pure promotion but create a positive and long lasting effect of company reputation. It may be out of business but one can forget reminder card and visuals but he will surely use thing for noting something or writing and checking dates.

Banners, Danglers and Posters:  Banners with proper print, color and message can attract customers so if you are visiting in some office and suddenly you find any banner or poster, you will surely attract towards it. The same case is applicable here. They are helpful to attract pharma professionals towards brand of the company.
Medical and News Paper Advertisement: Books and news paper has large client base of healthcare professionals including doctors. Medical journals, books and news papers provide regular updates of pharma sector and they read updates and news of innovations from this form of print media. So this media of advertisement is also helpful to provide attention to its large reader base.

Pen, Key chains and Accessories:  These small things are easily carried in small pockets and used on daily basis. These small accessories have strong and effective impact on branding. A small accessory will remind about company brand and logo as he use regularly.

Bags, T-Shirts and other promotion materials: There are many other materials that are used frequently in daily basis like bags, T-Shirts, calendar, pen holder etc and could be useful for branding and effective sale.

Order Book and Daily Call Report: The order book is used to note down about all orders. Its main purpose is to write down orders of distributors, whole sellers or retailers and with the help of daily call report PCD Pharma Companies can easily get daily visiting report of sales or medical representatives