PCD Pharma

Process of starting packaging and promotional material manufacturing for PCD Pharma Companies

Pharmaceutical segment is a very wide segment. Some non-pharma businesses are also dependent on pharmaceutical companies. Suppliers of packaging material are also among them who are reliable at pharma business. Many PCD pharma companies outsource their packaging material. Some packaging material manufacturers are earning more profit than pharma companies because they can also work for ayurvedic, cosmetic, nutraceutical, food and herbal supplement companies along with PCD Pharma.

Manufacturing of packaging material is a costly process and need machinery to start the project. We will discuss about procedure, machinery and skills required for this process. Packaging material manufacturer also deals in promotional materials like product cards, visual aids and remind cards.

  • Packaging material– pharma products are used to cover in materials which have the full detail of product along with attractive look like label, foil etc. This material can prevent products from damage and also gives attractive looks to product packaging.
  • Promotional inputs- They are used for the promotion of medicines can create brand value and generate sales for the company. Widely used promotional materials are ordered book, product card, visual aids and reminder card.

Equipment & Machines:

  • Offset Printing Machine
  • Digital Printing Machine
  • Printing Frame
  • Computer Sets with Printer
  • Software (Coral and Photoshop)
  • Binding equipment
  • Lamination Machine
  • Embossing Machine

Technical skills required for:

You need few technical skills to set up and run a printing press for pharma product packaging

  • Design: You need a designer with good knowledge of Coral Draw and Photoshop. He should have good innovative and creative sense of humor to make attractive designs.
  • Machine Operator: Different type of machines require a different type of technical skill to run that machine efficiently. You need a person who can print design as it was created.

Commonly two types of printing machines are used. Digital printing machine and Offset printing machine. For printing of promotional materials in small quantities, “digital printing machine” is mostly used and for printing of packaging material like labels, boxes and labels offset printing machine is a better option. Printing presses use offset printing for printing packaging material