Pharma Franchise for Antibiotic Medicine – Nilrise Pharma

Pharma Franchise for Antibiotic Medicine – Nilrise Pharma

Get the best quality antibiotic medicines at market leading rates. Nilrise Pharma welcomes all the distributors, dealers and healthcare professionals. We are one of the well known pharma franchise provider of antibiotic drugs in whole India. Nilrise Pharma is the one of the top pharma marketing company for antibiotic drugs and medicines. If you are searching for profitable deals in this segment then you can join us for the flourishing business of Pharma franchise antibiotic medicine range in India.

Antibiotic drugs are one type of antimicrobial drugs that are used against bacteria microbes. These drugs are used to eliminate bacterial infections and treat all kinds of bacteria disorders. Generally they prevent the growth and spreadness of bacteria and kill them effectively. Antibacterial and antibiotic are almost same kind of medicine but they don’t treat infection of virus. The offered medicines in antibiotics are tablets, soaps creams etc.

The market of antibiotic product is forecasted to reach approx Rs. 57.0 billion till the end of 2024. India is one of the largest exporters of antibiotic drugs in world. As per one study every Indian consumes approx 10 antibiotic pills every year. In recent years the consumption growth is increased by 40 percent and antibiotic business is growing 15 to 17 percent annually. These factors showing positive aspects for persons who are directly or indirectly associated with antibiotic business. Below are the reasons behind antibiotic medicines.

  1. Better lifestyle and per capital income.
  2. Better lifestyle.
  3. Considered safe by doctors.
  4. Used in the treatment of multiple health conditions.

Antibiotic medicines have high demand in the market. We are one of the top countries in terms of supplying this medicine. Nilrise Pharma has wide range of antibiotic drugs to market and have huge client base across India and overseas. Our 700+ distributors are working satisfactorily with us because our pharma franchise business opportunity is affordable for everyone. Our each product is manufactured in WHO GMP certified units of India. Additionally they are made from high quality drugs and ingredients supplied by leading suppliers. You can rely on us for faster growth and development of your franchise business. Below is the list of antibiotic medicine supplied by your company is given

  • Azineel- 250/500
  • Amonil-CV-625
  • Cifinil-100
  • Offnil-OZ
  • Cifinil-CV-325
  • Cifinil-AZ
  • Zoypod-100/200/325
  • Zoycef – 250
  • Levonil-250/500
  • LumiFight

If you want to know more about pharma franchise offering, then send your queries via mail box. Our representative will surely contact you with best pricing and offers for antibiotic medicine for your location. We also offer monopoly rights with promotional benefits to our each pharma franchise. We assure you best business experience in the industry of pharma franchise.