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Our endeavor is to increase health standards across India by providing pharmaceutical products of highest quality at affordable price. We strive to launch a new range of products with more effective and visible results.
Pharma franchise

Quality oriented products and better healthcare are the driving force behind the success of our organization.

PCD Pharma Franchise

Nilrise is a leading PCD Pharma company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, We are a WHO-GMP Certified and ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Since 2012, we have been providing our  PCD Pharma services and trying to contribute to the welfare of people. Our plant is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We are also engaged in marketing of our products to cover possible horizons. With the view to spread our presence across India, we provide you with a Monopoly distribution rights. Anyone who would like to apply for Monopoly distribution can visit our website and fill in a simple form. We are pleased to welcome new PCD Pharma distributors/partners having a growth-oriented strategy.

Due to our world-class services, Nilrise Pharmaceuticals now becomes one of the leading Pharma Company in India. We, at Nilrise Pharmaceuticals, offer a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations in India. Our professional & quality services make us the best monopoly Company in India

If you are looking to start your own pharma business than Nilrise is the best company in India. We offer Pharmaceutical formulations with extraordinary marketing support.


Nilrise is a professionally managed franchise company in India. We always welcome dedicated professionals with a deep sense of responsibility to become part of our  Pharma company. Nilrise Pharmaceuticals has been featured in and recognized the time and again by the leading drug magazines such as DRUG TODAY, IDR, CIMS, and others.

Pharma franchise opportunity in India

Pharma Franchise refers to privilege or right. Franchising refers to business in which a trademark of Pharma Franchise company can be used by the other partner for doing business. The partner uses that brand to sell products. The franchise can be of different types and different modes.

Authorization granted by a pharmaceutical company to an individual or group or distributor that allow them to carry out pharmaceutical company’s proprietary knowledge, products right or other mutual agreed terms and condition for specific area for example marketing, sale, distribution, doctor’s promotion authorization/appointment of distributors   etc for a company products or services. It is known as PCD Pharma marketing.

Nilrise Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Nilrise is a leading Pharma Franchise Company. We are offering wide ranges of products in therapeutic segments like Antibiotics, Anticold, Antiulcer, Antiallergic, Appetite stimulant, Analgesics and Nutraceutical Supplements.

Our wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical products includes Antibiotics, Analgesics, Injectables, Cream, Oral liquid and Multivitamin Supplements. Nilrise is a star of Pharma Companies for Franchise due to its unique marketing strategy.

We warmly welcome serious, dedicated and skilled persons for sole marketing and distribution rights or on a monopoly basis. We are looking for dedicated pharma marketing professional to join our company.

We are continuously expanding our franchise network and hence offering Monopoly distribution opportunities to professionals and small businesses who have experience in similar field. We are looking for pharma franchise partners having experience in Pharma field.  Medical Representative, Area Sales Manager & Pharma Distributors are most welcome to join our company

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