PCD Pharma Companies

Impact of marketing address for PCD Pharma Companies

Many PCD Pharma companies doesn’t have their own manufacturing unit and hence they get manufactured their brand name from other manufacturing companies. PCD companies have to show ownership of brands to customers by indicating their name and address on the packing of each pharma product. At Pharma products, label should be printed with both manufactured by and marketed by name and address.

Importance of Marketing Address:

Professionals like distributors, retailers and doctors, first notice the marketing address of pharma company because this provides them information of company location. Everybody wants to know about base of company so marketing address is helpful to show them company base. It also helps to hiding your direct connection with ownership of company. You can show them you are working in it specially when company is growing and will make good presence in market. Sometimes it becomes difficult to sell products in local market with local market address because people take it lightly and it doesn’t produce good impression in the mind of local people. Because it shows company address and some places have negative impression but some has good impression like Gujarat consider as a good location for marketed by address along with Bangalore and Mumbai.

Similarly some place consider to be of lower value for pharma companies and many persons avoid companies having address of this places because some companies disgrace location by cheating and sending substandard products but that doesn’t mean other companies with that location cannot produce good business and big name but location has big impact on business of PCD Pharma companies and it can change the future of company. It tells about portfolio of company.

Marketing Address and Operational Address:
It is also possible to show that marketed and operational address from different places but in this case one should use real address whether it could be operational office, marketing office or registered office.  You can operate from anywhere where you have your documents and drug license number. More than 90% of PCD Companies use this strategy. They have marketing and operational addresses to two different places.  One office you can have at Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) and same time you can manage new office in Ahmedabad (Gujarat). In this case you can show your marketed by address of Ahmedabad and can operate from Baddi.
Suppose you are using only your operational address of Baddi and want to sell products locally than people will say,” It’s a local company” and as per human mindset no one interested in local brands and local company but if you change your marketing address from other city or state than you become outside company and introduce your company as a big brand of that city/state and launching in Baddi. Many PCD Pharma companies follow the same strategy and show their company from other state and doing business successfully there.

Hence marketing addresses not only changes brand name but also change company identity in market.