How to generate Doctor’s prescription to boost sales

Doctor prescription generation is the most important and difficult thing in PCD Pharma business. You must know the strategy to generate the prescription of your pharma product because prescription generation means more sale and sale means income. It is a very important factor for the survival of PCD Pharma Companies in India. Now the important thing is how you can generate prescription of your company products?

There are many ways to generate prescription sale but some methods are considered as non-ethical. Here many Pharma Franchise Companies only concentrate on business they do not care for ethical or non-ethical methods. Here we are going to explain some generally used methods for a prescription generation.

  •  Regular Doctor Visit
  • Event sponsorship
  • Introducing new molecules through research
  • Gifts, Commission and promotional schemes
  • Price based schemes

Regular Doctor Visit:

In the pharma sector regular doctor visit is a well-known word for all marketing personals. This term is used by PCD Pharma Company to manage doctor meeting and explain the company’s pharma products and its possible benefits. It is the basic sales method used by many pharma companies since existence and still, it is the best method to convince healthcare professionals and generate a prescription sale. A couple of years ago, marketing personals were only sourced to provide latest updates of pharma research and molecules.  At that time competitions were less in comparison to today’s time but still, it is an effective method for generation of prescription. This method requires a proper plan as the prior appointment is needed to schedule with the doctor so you can discuss new development and your meeting will be fruitful.

Event Sponsorship:

Healthcare sector is full of research and innovation, the researcher always works hard to invent new healthcare technique for the wellbeing of human’s. Similarly, healthcare professionals have eagerness of knowledge. They always want to know the latest updates of the medical sector. Events and conferences are the best places where they can get this knowledge. At the national or international level seminar, they can easily meet with reputed healthcare professionals and gain the latest updates. Sometimes they cannot get tickets for these type events easily. Many PCD Pharma Companies provide sponsorship and they can arrange passes for the doctors easily. In return, they will get a prescription sale from the doctors.

Introducing New Molecules:

Pharma products with similar molecules are available at every pharma company. This creates tough competition for similar molecules among many pharma companies. To beat this tough competition and make a self-market presence, PCD Pharma Companies need to introduce more effective molecule in the market. This strategy provides a more easy approach to convince doctors for a prescription.

Gifts, Commission and Promotional schemes:

Gifts and tours to a different destination are always a favorite choice for doctors. Costly gifts and destination tours provide special attention towards products of Pharma Company. Since last some years, this strategy becomes more favorable among doctors and pharma companies. Healthcare professionals get some amount of commission at MRP or PTR of prescribed medicine. It will prove a great deal for the company to promote its pharma product. This is the bitter but real truth of pharma market. It is also the main cause of higher MRP for different medicines. However it is not an ethical way of marketing but still, this strategy is used by many pharma companies.

Price based Scheme:

Pharma manufacturing is now open sector and manufacturing cost of a particular product is not hidden with healthcare professionals. There are many in house chemist shop run and managed by doctor’s itself. So many pharma companies/ distributors/wholesalers sell their medicines directly to them on a special discounted price. By this way, the doctor’s get more control over the pricing of medicines and prescribe them to the patient.