How to Create an Effective Facebook Advertisement Campaign for PCD Pharma Companies

We all know about social media network and Facebook ads. Every day we see different sponsored post in our feed. Actually Facebook sell ads to all members. In online world Facebook emerged as a powerful marketing tool for branding but researches shows that for creating good social awareness campaign only 10% of PCD Pharma Companies are successful. Pharma sector cannot ignore power of social network as a marketing tool. But many companies fail to make large audience base using this marketing tool. The reason behind this may be either users are not interested or PCD Companies have been failed to make such social campaign that are not available for targeted customers.

Social media is always helpful in creating brand awareness and getting more business but we need to understand that how to use Facebook for business promotion. Now we will discuss some important factors for creating effective Facebook campaign, business page and how to run perfect ad campaign for pharma companies

We first need to learning about working of Facebook. Many users now become aware that Facebook can be use as a advertisement tool but it is no more free marketing tool. We need to pay to Facebook for showing our post to user’s feed or we need to create content which become more viral. With having more than 35000 likes, a post of the page will originally reach to 2000 users hardly and organic search percent is even lesser than from our expectation. The number is even less for users who take actions like share, comment and likes. For more engagement on Facebook or for encouraging businesses in more organic search PCD Pharma Companies need to pay more to Facebook. So it is not free for business but it is free for users because users help to get money from business. Facebook advertisement is good tool for making awareness for brand and for telling customers that we are also present in market.

For effective Facebook Ads following things should be considered

  • Start your advertisement campaign with low budget and after getting response from advertisement you can increase it.
  • Please note that Facebook is not for selling purpose but it is the tool for branding and awareness. Selling products and services can create negative branding.
  • Images and videos can get more attention than simple written post. So start your campaign with good image of your company or product with minimum text portion is good way to start campaign.
  • People use Facebook as a social media tool to connect with other people or spend free time with entertainment, not for buying and selling. So provide important information on business page avoid unnecessary promotion
  • Small and interesting post with images and videos attract more followers and get more engagement compared to copy.
  • For promoting your own brand create your own idea and style for posting and promoting. Don’t copy ideas from other business page.
  • It is also found that pages with regular posting get more attention than pages with rare or irregular post so post regularly.
  • Blog posting is also a important way to engage with followers and customers. Posting regularly blog gives more professional look to business page.

Facebook is important tool for branding and getting queries for PCD Pharma companies. Now a day’s many PCD companies also started experimenting Facebook and other social media tool for their branding and promotion and this can be very helpful to generate PCD queries for pharma companies.