Pharma franchise in india

Guidelines for choosing Pharma Franchise Company for Franchise Marketing

New Pharma franchise companies are entering in market so competition is increasing in pharma sector. There are some companies which create strong presence in market, some others struggle for survival. For marketing professional and for pharma distributors it is becoming more difficult to choose best Pharma Franchise Company. Advertisement in pharma papers, magazines and drug books become common in market but these type of ads also make selection difficult because long and attractive ads doesn’t guarantee for good pharma franchise company.

If someone will take help from business portals then it makes situation worse because different spam mails and marketing calls start from different marketing companies and if you go through them then after matching their long product list and prices you will find only few products are available and remaining will be in process. So one will end up with wrong choice

This is the real scenario of today’s market but not all PCD Pharma companies are like same some companies have their own reputation and professionalism. So it is necessary to find good Pharma franchise company otherwise you can loss both your career and capital. So there are some aspects are given about PCD companies which can help before associating with any pharma company

  • Product Availability– You needs to confirm from Pharma Franchise Company that which product is available and which is not. Also try to know the reason behind discontinuity of product. If answer given by company is satisfactory then you can proceed and make payment for further process.
  • Terms & Conditions– It is beneficial for both whether it is franchisee or franchiser to clarify all terms and conditions in the starting of business. Whether it is for payment related, marketing, services or logistic and make sure all thing must be in written.
  • Right of Monopoly– For franchise business you need monopoly rights in your area so chances of infiltration can be avoided. You should clarify your territory where you want to market pharma product and take written agreements from Franchise Company.
  • Target– If you start your business with company then your money and efforts both will be involve in business so before starting business you need to confirm that at any situation company will not give any target or impose unnecessary condition to you.
  • Market Reputation– Before associating with any company you need to do R&D about that company like their year of establishment, market presence and reputation, feedback of other distributors because now you are going to your own business and leaving your comfort zone. So you need to make your own strategies for all situations and need to think about all necessary things before starting. So choose according and go through all points seriously to get success.

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