Effective methods to choose new name for your Pharma Franchise Company

It is the most important and difficult task to choose name for new Pharma Franchise Company. Name is the true identity of business. A brand name is connected with name, even we identify company and its product by name. We trust the quality of service and product by company name. Sometime we identify company name by seen its logo. Above discussion is not applicable to only PCD Pharma Companies but same effective for all sectors of companies.

Before deciding a name thinks about following facts. If your business name can satisfy following mentioned factors than selected name is good for your PCD Pharma business

  • Satisfy business profile
  • As per business identity
  • Should be unique
  • Should be meaningful
  • Easily remember able
  • Related to business

It is very important for any business to choose best possible name. It should have characters that can reflect field and true identity of business. It should easily pronounceable, technical correct, straight and unique. You can also use common or daily routine words to co relate with your business name but make sure that no other PCD Company using the same name and you can register the name for trade mark. Some below suggestions are also helpful to choosing best names for your business.

 Identity- Name of company should be capable to reflect business identity properly. For example if you are searching name for Pharma Company than you can add words ending with pharma, healthcare, Life science, bio care, lab etc. Similarly segment wise words are helpful for segment reorganization such as herbal and Ayurvedic. These types of words are very helpful and provide identity of business.

 Letters: Simple, short, accurate and natural names have potential to attract more attention. Use 3 to 7 letters in the first word of name. Easy remember able and simple words have ability to build more brand image than difficult pronounced words.  Always use words with unique meaning such as Sun, Cadila, Torrent, Nilrise pharma etc.

Technical aspect– Name should be technically correct, it must have correct suffix or prefix related to Pharma Company. For example Pharma Company with name of Bikaji, Samrat etc., will provide more impression of snacks venture than Pharma Company. The name should be straight without any silent letter so it may not create any wrong and misleading impression in the mind of customer. Infect it will give clear message of services and products associated with the company.

 Unique: The chosen name should be unique in terms of availability. It should be fresh and unique, no other PCD Pharma Company has similar name registered. Unique name is helpful to make brand more easily and strong than similar used names.

We hope above mentioned factors are helpful to choose proper and effective name for your