PCD Franchise Opportunity


Only very few people know the difference between general pharma franchise and PCD pharma franchise. These both terms are co related with each other and used for marketing of pharmaceutical company with monopoly rights. There is minor difference between both the terms so you can use these terms for each other. The only minor difference is that the PCD term used for small or medium scale pharma marketing whereas the term franchise is used for large scale pharma marketing. For most of pharma companies, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, marketing persons and healthcare professionals, this difference doesn’t matter. Even they don’t need any requirement to find difference between the two terms. Sometimes they use one single term in place of other.

The main difference between pharma franchise and PCD franchise is the eligibility for distributorship and target of sales. In marketing of pharma franchise, companies require persons with relevant experience for the post of manager or area sales manager. Working area for pharma franchise is large as compared to PCD Business. In general pharma franchise, companies provides direct marketing and sales support.  In PCD based pharma franchise, working area is small and no sales target is provided. You need to work as per your own strategy. In PCD pharma marketing, eligibility criteria are more flexible. For example chemist, distributors, healthcare professionals or marketing person can apply for a PCD pharma franchise company. Pharma companies don’t provide direct support in sales and marketing. They provide only promotional materials such as visual aids, reminder cards, bags, catch cover, order and gift cards and other materials. So we can say that PCD Pharma franchise is small scale franchise marketing. If you are starting a pharma franchise business alone then it is the best option for you.

Eligibility require by pharma companies

Pharmaceutical company will ask for drug license number and GST registration number. These documents will require for product supply and also for billing. Sometime companies also ask for bank statement of the firm. In pharma franchise, pharmaceutical company may ask your salary statement with experience certificate but in PCD franchise, these formalities are not required.

 Method of supply to retailer 

Pharma Franchise is with own distribution is good option for starting and developing business but if you don’t want to do your own arrangement then you can appoint distributor for your desire location. Having own distribution is beneficial as no one can know your secrecy in the market. Whereas working with other distributor can cause difficulty at any time because he has all your rates and secret strategies but some time it will provide advantage too.

Benefit access

Generally pharmaceutical companies provide benefits to pharma franchisees on priority basis as they bring majority of sales for them whereas PCD pharma franchisees get limited benefit. Many monetary and non monetary benefits like incentives, commission, bonus and marketing tools are offered to pharma franchise owners and PCD franchise gets limited benefit in terms of marketing materials and promotional tools.

Investment share

The PCD business owners need not to invest high amount of money. They can start by simply investing as low as Rs. 30,000 to 50,000. On the other hand, owners of pharma franchise need good investment of Rs. 6 to 10 lacks to grow their business. Though the different policies are applicable for different companies.

Advantages of Franchise business

There are many advantages available in Pharma franchise business as it provide complete control on the pharma market and provide direct profit via different channels. Manufacturer of pharma product also provide good support in terms of huge discount on bulk orders, promotional and marketing support. It is also become somewhat easier for PCD pharma franchise companies to operate in specific areas. In this model of business, there is low risk of capital investment as it works without competition of same brand in specific territory. PCD based pharma franchise business offerd by Nilrise Pharma is also be good opportunity for individuals, if they operate with proper marketing technique and business skills in their area.


Photo Credit: jharaphula.com