Pharma franchise

Comparison between Pharma franchise and Pharma marketing company

A decision to start Pharma franchise company and Pharma marketing company depends on your financial situation. Both have benefits and risk. If we compare both than franchise marketing need less investment and pharma marketing company need a huge amount of investment. We are going to compare both so you can decide which one is the best option for you.

Pharma Franchise Company

  • Pharma franchise marketing needless amount of investment and one can start quickly while pharma marketing company need more amount and also take more time to start and functioning.
  • In franchise, you can launch a large number of pharma products without any tension and fear of expiry due to a limited quantity of products and area while in own pharma marketing, you need to get product manufactured as per batch size and for this, you need to place order of minimum thirty thousand tablets per order.
  • You do not need to invest in promotion and marketing in franchise marketing because it is the responsibility of pharma company to provide promotional material whereas in own pharma company you also need to invest in marketing and promotions.
  • Your own company and brand name will be promoted in own pharma company whereas, in franchise marketing, a brand name of franchise company will be promoted.
  • In franchise marketing, you need to pay attention only at marketing and promotion only and do not need to concentrate on product procurement whereas I own pharma marketing company; you have to divest your time and resources towards product procurement along with marketing.
  • You are depending on the pharma company and any time company can supply product to another distributor of your territory or stop a supply of products whereas in pharma company if one manufacturer refuses to production, you have the option to make your brand name with other manufacturers.
  • In pharma marketing company you can take your own decision according to market demand and can launch new product whereas, in franchise marketing, you are depending on to company strategy for introducing and launching new molecules in a market.

Considering given factors, you can compare and decide better option for you. We recommend best strategy for starting pharma business is to start with minimum investment in pharma franchise marketing and after achieving a particular goal, you can start your own pharma marketing company by getting manufactured your latest molecules according to market demand.