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Process of starting packaging and promotional material manufacturing for PCD Pharma Companies

Pharmaceutical segment is a very wide segment. Some non-pharma businesses are also dependent on pharmaceutical companies. Suppliers of packaging material are also among them who are reliable at pharma business. Many PCD pharma companies outsource their packaging material. Some packaging material manufacturers are earning more profit than pharma companies because they can also work for […]

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Factors affecting growth of PCD Pharma business

Pharmaceutical sector first feels the heat of low margin in the year of 2013 when Drug Price Control Order (DPCO) was introduced.  Before that high profit margins and MRP has attracted many other buisness professionals into pharma sector. After Drug Price Control Order, PCD Pharma sector started to change. At initial stage about 348 important […]

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Impact of marketing address for PCD Pharma Companies

Many PCD Pharma companies doesn’t have their own manufacturing unit and hence they get manufactured their brand name from other manufacturing companies. PCD companies have to show ownership of brands to customers by indicating their name and address on the packing of each pharma product. At Pharma products, label should be printed with both manufactured […]